Buying and selling online is getting easier and more prevalent. Online auction sites help you get your merchandise seen by hundreds, which increases the possibility of finding interested buyers. This site is supported by selling advertisements so you don't have to pay fees. It has many options for helping you find things that you are interested in buying, and many more options for selling your products. This auction site is simple and straightforward, which allows you to jump right into the auction experience. Best of all, it is free.

WebStore takes a unique approach to monetize its site. Many online auction sites charge fees for listing, final-value fees, relisting fees and enhancement fees. WebStore, however, does not charge fees of any kind. It is free to register, to list, and to add additional pictures.

If you're looking to sell, WebStore offers many useful tools for getting your products posted, seen and purchased. For instance, they allow you to post Dutch listings, wherein you list multiples of the same items. Buyers can then indicate how many products they want to purchase, and finalize the deal with one click. This works great for small businesses that are trying to empty their inventories of older products.

There are many times when products can be categorized in multiple areas. This online auction site lets you place your product in more than one category. If you want to sell a romance comedy movie on WebStore, for instance, you can place it in the romance section as well as the comedy section, and thereby reach people looking in both genres.

This online auction site gives you a few other important selling options. You can run private auctions. You can open an in-site store where people can view everything you are selling, and you can set up your own personal return policy for customers. Additionally, you can cross-promote items that go well together. If you ever need to cancel a sale before it is final, you have the option to do so. You can also pause your store if you are away on vacation. When you get back, everything you listed before repopulates automatically. In addition, buyers can make an offer on any product and close the deal with sellers right away, without waiting for the auction period to end.

When it comes to buying, the WebStore online auction site makes it easy. To help you get started, there is a search option where you can type in the name of what you're looking for. If the term you search for brings back too many results and you want to narrow them down a bit, there is an advanced search option. If you're not sure about the exact product and want to browse by category, you can do that too.

Once you find what you are looking for and click on it, this online auction site directs you to that item's page, where you can do a number of things. You can read the item description, view enlarged photos of the product, ask the seller a question, check out the payment methods that the seller accepts, see how much shipping is going to be and, of course, bid on or purchase the item instantly with the Buy Now option.

This online auction offers buying and selling security. It does not offer its own return policy, but the site is set up to help you avoid scams and to get your money from buyers and your products from sellers. WebStore also lets you leave comments about transactions so that merchants and buyers build up reputations over time. The company then reviews this feedback on a regular basis. The best-rated sellers get special top-seller status, while the worst are banned from the site entirely.

With Webstore, sellers also get a communication score that is based on how quickly they reply to potential buyers' questions. If the sellers are quick to reply, the rating goes up. Between the communication score and the comments that people leave about the transaction itself, you can be better prepared for your online auction site experience.

WebStore Summary:

This online auction site gives you many selling options. You can run private auctions and you can open an in-site store where people can view everything you are selling. Additionally, you can cross-promote items that go well together. In addition, WebStore lets you leave comments about transactions so that sellers and buyers alike can earn top rated status.



There are no selling fees or membership costs.

Because advertisers pay for the site, you have to deal with a few ads.

The Verdict
: 9.05/10

If you like selling your merchandise without having to pay fees and don't mind a few advertisements, this is a great place to buy and sell online.