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PROS / You only have to pay a one-time seller verification fee to sell products on the site.

CONS / WeBidz has a small membership base, limiting your sales potential.

VERDICT / With so few members, your products will not receive the same kind of traffic they would from larger sites. However, the small flat fee to verify your identity enables you to keep all of your profits you make with the site.

WeBidz provides a safe platform for sellers and buyers to make transactions. While the site has a small membership base, it confirms the identity of each member, which results in less fraud for both buyers and sellers. You can promote your items on and off the site using the various selling features WeBidz offers. Unlike other online auction sites, WeBidz charges a one-time verification fee to ensure your identity and no other upfront or final value fees for a basic seller. You can pay for listing enhancements or a monthly fee to open a store, but the service does not charge listing, relisting or final value fees.

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WeBidz has less than 66,000 users. While the small membership base limits the amount of traffic your item will see and reduces your selling potential, the auction website has several selling features that promote your products both on and off the site. WeBidz submits its items to various search engines so people looking for that type of item can find it. You can also pay for listing enhancements that help your product stand out or feature on WeBidz' homepage.

In addition to the advertising features, buyers can offer feedback on sellers. After doing business with a seller, buyers can rate the experience, and it goes into the seller's reputation score. This promotes positive experiences between sellers and buyers and helps with consumer confidence.

The bidding site does lack several selling features that the top-rated auction sites have. For example, you cannot search by seller or even save a seller's information unless it is a store. The service also lacks a resolution center to handle disputes between buyers and sellers. However, it does feature automatic bidding, duplicate listings and buy-now buttons that all attract buyers.

The auction site allows you to choose which type of payment options you accept for your sales. As such, you can determine if you have a return policy. In order to use PayPal, you post your PayPal email onto your auction page, and then after the auction, you email an invoice to the buyer. You can also accept payments by credit cards.

WeBidz does not offer live support. You cannot contact representatives by phone or live chat. Instead, you can email them with questions or search the FAQs page for answers. The site does have a community forum where other users can help answer your questions.


WeBidz offers a safe platform for you to sell your items. While the service lacks in members and selling features, it does offer advertising to help promote your items both on and off the site, and you only have to pay a small flat fee to verify your identity. Otherwise, you keep all of the profits you make from the site, which gives it an advantage among online auction sites.