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PROS / eBid offers the second largest online auction marketplace, but with reduced fees.

CONS / The payment methods you can use to sell your items are limited.

VERDICT / While it lacks some selling features that would draw in even more customers, eBid makes up for it with its already large user database and free listings.

eBid's large customer base combined with its effective selling features and low fees make it one of the best online auction sites. Not only does this bidding site limit its fees, but it also presents them to potential sellers in an upfront manner. With its easy-to-use interface and wide selection of categories, we award eBid our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for providing sellers with a cost-effective selling platform.

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  2. 2 eBid
  3. 1 eBay
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Selling Fees

eBid presents the fees it charges in a clear and direct manner. There are three different user levels to choose from that offer different features and fees. You can become a buyer, seller or a seller plus. As a buyer, there are no membership fees, but you cannot list any items to sell. As a seller, you can list items free, but you must pay a 3 percent final value fee and you lack most selling features. If you want to use selling features, you are charged a small fee each time you use one.

As a seller plus, you pay either a seven-day, monthly, 90-day, yearly or lifetime membership fee, and you have access to all the site's features. The selling features include no final value fee, more payment options and your items listed on various search engines. Regardless of your user level, you can pay a small fee to upgrade your listing or where it is placed. However, the service charges different listing and final value fees depending on which option you choose.

Selling Features

eBid not only offers competitive fees, but also a wide selection of selling features. With over 2 million registered users, the site receives traffic from all over the world. The bidding site has several features to help draw in those customers to your listing; however, you must have a seller plus account to use them. With a seller plus account, you can allow automatic bidding for your items, place buy-now buttons on your listings and cancel auctions early.

The online auction site also has several features that specifically help you as a seller. Each of the items you list has a page views counter to show you how many people have looked at your item. In addition, buyers can leave feedback about past auctions they had with you, just as you can leave feedback on them as a buyer. For any auctions that result with a faulty buyer or seller, the auction site offers a resolution center to help resolve the matter. Sellers also have the ability to block bidders from their auctions.

Listing Options

For each listing, you can add extra photos of your product to draw in customers. You also can add feature listings to your auction to help it catch the attention of your consumers. For example, you can bold your listing or italicize it.

Similarly to other auction sites, eBid has advanced search options that allow its buyers to search for items by seller. It also lets users save you as a seller so that they can see other items you post at any time. Not only does this help the buyer, but it also can increase the number of views and sells on your items by connecting you with buyers who have similar interests and add several other valuable features to your listings.

Payment Options

As a seller, the more payment methods you accept, the more customers you will reach. eBid only offers three payment options. Your buyers can use PPPay.com, PayPal or Skrill to pay for your item after they purchase it. Like most services, eBid charges a small transaction fee. You have to be a seller plus in order to send invoices; otherwise, you simply exchange your username or the email you created with PPPay.com, PayPal or Skrill to the buyer.

Support Options

eBid presents most of the information you need on its website. The online auction site has an extensive FAQs page, as well as a community forum and video tutorials to help you learn how to sell and buy on eBid. The site also has an online contact form to connect you with representatives. The auction site does not offer live support.


With a large user database and limited listing and final value fees, eBid provides a competitive and inexpensive selling arena. While the auction site limits the number of payment methods you can offer your buyers, the selling features and high traffic you receive on the site outweigh its limitations and make it an effective alternative to more expensive auction sites.